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Nicolas Lorin
Nicolas Lorin

Update (12/04/2020): Following a modification to the AMF website, my scraping script no longer works. The lists will therefore not be updated for the time being. The files have been archived and the links updated.

As part of my professional watch, I came across a joint press release from the ACPR and the AMF noting an upsurge in bogus investment fraud.

The press release mentioned the existence of a blacklist of sites offering unauthorized investments.

I thought it might be interesting to automate the filtering of these sites, which are not blocked by the courts.

So I wrote a little script that generates blocking lists from AMF website and publishes these lists for public use.

The script is written in Python using BeautifulSoup and runs in a Docker container (pycron). A Caddy container manages HTTPS access, as for this site.

These lists are available at the following urls and are updated daily:

Don’t hesitate to use these lists, especially to protect your loved ones.


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