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Illustration of a server by Colossus Cloud

The development of my as dn42

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Nicolas Lorin
Nicolas Lorin

My very first node was an OVH cloud server (the cheapest in the range) hosted in Strasbourg.

In order to test the internal routing, I looked for ways to have several additional nodes. I’m sharing below the plans I was able to find:

  • Google Cloud: it’s possible to get a small instance for free in certain geographical areas, you just have to pay for the network traffic;
  • Oracle Cloud: it’s possible to have two instances totally free of charge in certain geographical zones (both instances in the same zone);
  • EUserv: offers one LXC instance free of charge.

Finally, I bought a Raspberry pi 4 that I host at home behind my Freebox.

After the OVH fire, I decided to recreate my main node at Virtua Cloud (affiliate link, but you’ll help me host this blog). Why I chose them:

  • Datacenter in the Paris region;
  • Possibility of setting up a BGP session free of charge (more on this in a future article);
  • Possibility of benefiting from a /64 ipv6 ;
  • Possibility of setting the reverse of the ipv4 address and the first ipv6 address;
  • Attractive rates.


My arrival on dn42
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Random pictures
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LAMF's blacklist
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